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Sino-LAC Holding Group was founded as a joint effort of business leaders from China and Latin America. Our roots run deep in bilateral economy and trade between China and Latin America, where we have been dedicated to all-round exchanges and cooperation in economy, trade, culture, sports, and finance.


In 2013, Sino-LAC Holding Group was founded on the spirit of pioneer, the effort of self-improvement, and the principle of honesty and win-win cooperation. We have developed into a diversified multinational group with business scope covering import & export, cross-border e-commerce, cultural tourism, sports cooperation, air transport, commercial real estate, and manufacturing. Sino-LAC’s commercial real estate covers over six most-developed states in Brazil. Our total investment in Brazil is over 5 billion Yuan, while the value of imports from China is averaged 10 billion Yuan annually.


Supported by the Chinese and Latin American governments, we started a program named “Wing of China-LatAm Cooperation – Cooperative Park between China and Latin America”. Our mission is to integrate Sino-Latin American bilateral resources, and promote common development. Multiple cooperation parks located in China and Latin America constitute a park network, which acts as strategic platform and important medium in our program, and drives bilateral exchanges and cooperation on economy, trade, culture, tourism, sports, and finance in an all-round way.


In the next 5-10 years, we will continuously expand and perfect our cooperation park network, and make it a world-leading park network that covers online & offline in all Sino-Latin American areas. In response to the “Belt and Road” initiatives, and through further development of the “Wing of China-LatAm Cooperation” program, we will achieve our vision of becoming the most successful platform and important medium of Sino-Latin American exchanges and cooperation on economy, trade, culture, tourism, technology, and